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RSS Submission - How Does it Relate to Your Business?

First - an Explanation

Most everyone knows what a syndicated columnist is. This journalist writes a column for newspaper publication, whether daily, weekly, etc., and the column then appears in a variety of newspapers across the country. On the Internet, RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", or the ability of a website owner to get information out to potential customers on a regular basis, especially when the content, products, or services change in any way. RSS Submission is the method you can use to do this. Let's look at an example.

You have a website that sells handbags. You have submitted articles to directories; you have posted blog comments; you have written on forums; you have posted yourself everywhere imaginable in order to make yourself highly visible and to appear with a relatively high page-rank on major search engines. Now, suppose you are adding shoes to your product line, or suppose you are running a special sale. How do you get this information out to current and potential customers? Well, in the past, site owners attempted to conduct mass e-mailings to their customer base, and, in many cases, this is still an effective tool. However, the use of RSS Submission can be even more effective! Also called RSS Feed Submissions, this technique is one that allows you to write a thread, or notice, about your new or changing content, to submit it to a variety of places, and, then, every time you run a sale, change your products or services, or simply want to provide updates, you can submit these to all of the places that house your thread!

The key to effectively using RSS Feeds Submission is locating feed aggregators, blogs, directories and forums that are both related to your business and that allow you to submit your RSS feed to them. Once you have your initial RSS feed submission approved, any content change on your site is automatically fed to all of these venues. Anyone visiting these venues will see your changes. Always in the new thread is a link back to your website which drives former, current, and potential customers to you!

The procedure to submit RSS feeds and gain approval of all possible sites related to your business is not a simple task. There are feed aggregators, forums, blogs, and RSS directories that exist currently, and there are new ones created daily. Further, it takes research time to discover those that will actually allow you to submit RSS feeds which are the most valuable in terms of your business niche, and to continually monitor new venues, because new RSS submission sites are created daily. These tasks require vigilance, commitment of time and energy, and the understanding of how all of this is actually done! Constantly searching for places to submit RSS feed threads.

You need to focus on your business growth, your financial growth, and improvements in the products and/or services you offer. Spending time finding every RSS submission site has potential for you is not time well spent. You need to work smarter, not harder, and finding a professional, creative, and committed RSS submission service is the way to work smarter! With, you will be able to have a service that can accomplish the job of RSS submission in an expert and professional manner. 

What Can Do For You!

You need not concern yourself about setting up your site for RSS feeding. We will set up everything so that any changes in content on your site will automatically be sent to all aggregators, blogs, forums and directories. An expert assigned to you will submit RSS feeds that will be approved!

We will do the research and find the best RSS feed submission venues for your business niche. This effort will include every appropriate RSS submission directory, RSS blog submission and RSS directory submission out there! Our mission is to give you the greatest exposure you can obtain along with true rapidity of feed indexing.

Once we have given the greatest exposure possible through current RSS Submission opportunities, we continue to work for you to enhance and improve your exposure! has a staff of dedicated researchers who crawl all over the web, looking for new RSS submission sites that would be appropriate for our clients' needs. Through this research, we are able to recommend additional venues to which RSS submission feeds may be sought. We want sites that are relevant to the client's business and that will allow a maximum of backlinks to the client's site.

Your business is your livelihood. When you have any site that continually updates its content or continually offers new and improved products and services, then you need RSS submission capability. If you do not have the time to spend achieving this task yourself, then you need to find a trustworthy RSS submission service, to complete the task in the most beneficial manner. can give you the RSS feed submissions package that will most relevant to your site, that will ensure the greatest increase in traffic and that will continually provide customers, readers, and potential customers with the latest information about what your site offers. If your content changes, it is absolutely imperative that you possess RSS submission capability! RSS submission is completely superior to a constant email campaign - your efforts will not end up in someone's spam folder!

How do Busy People Search for What They Want?

Those who use the Internet to search for products or services do not have the time to spend a great deal of time. They want instant results! They do not spend time on lengthy searches, so they go to RSS feed directories, sites or blogs that are organized by categories. Here, they can find the latest information. If you are where they look, you are in a prime position to be visited. With your link imbedded right there, all the potential customer need do is click on your link and be directed to your site - how much better can it get? The other caveat is that other sites and blogs may pick up your feed and incorporate it as well!

Let's Sum it Up!

RSS submission is, without doubt, a critical part of business growth. If you are a website owner who relies on lots of traffic but, at the same time, has rather regular changes in content, product offerings, services, and/or costs, then you absolutely must have RSS feed submission capability. You cannot avoid it. You may not understand the ins and outs of this phenomenon, but does. Let us show you all that we can accomplish in a very short period of time and at a completely reasonable cost!

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