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Rome had a Forum - The Internet Has Zillions!

Internet Forums

From ancient Rome forward, there has been a need for people to find a public "forum" to present ideas, express opinions, impart information, and make recommendations. As we moved into the modern world, radio, television and print media came to be this "forum", but the Internet has bypassed all of these venues exponentially. Unlike other media forms, moreover, the Internet provides additional benefits, such as instant communication among people, shopping, searches for information, data, products, services, and, of course, advertisement. It was only natural, therefore, that people of common interest would find one another and communicate. This was the beginning of phenomena such as blogs and forums, and anyone using the Internet and/or conducting searches through major search engines (Google, etc.) has run into both. It is only natural, then, that those who own and operate web-based businesses began to see value in forum posting, that is creating comments to be included in forums related to the products or services being sold and creating links back to his or her own website. And, indeed, this is exactly what has happened. 

How You Can Use Forums to Boost Your Sales and Internet Presence

Forums are created by individuals who share common interests in certain topics. The owner himself, or other employed individuals, often called moderators, actually administer the forums and see that the "rules" are followed for all who submit forum posts. Forums are unique, however, in that, before anyone can engage in forum posting, he or she must first register to become a forum member. Once approved, the individual can supply forum posts that, as long as they conform to rules, will be posted as "threads". Forum posting, then, is reserved for members who agree to the rules and who are registered members. The moderator(s) of a forum read all potential forum posts before actually posting them. The thread must relate, of course, to the topic of the forum, must conform to the guidelines for forum posting, and, if the forum allows url's and backlinks through keywords to businesses, follow the specifications for number and type. Further, and here is the key component, a forum posting must offer something important in the way of content - new information, an opinion, an experience, etc. that will be of value to other members. 

If you have not yet looked into the world of forum posting, you are missing an important strategy to gain visibility, traffic, and increased page ranking for your website. Chances are, there are hundreds of forums that relate to your website and what you offer, and their members may not know you exist! A solid research effort will find them, and you will discover that many forums offer free registration and posting. Forum owners, however, have discovered that they, too, can make money through paid forum posting, and so there may be a charge for some forum postings that allow you to imbed links back to your own website. These should not be overlooked, because paid forum posting can get you onto forums that have huge traffic and high page rankings themselves, but you need to be certain that the forum will truly relate directly to your business niche and not rely solely on the marketing of the forum itself to get you to register. Paid forum posting, like any other business, wants your money, so be certain that when you pay for forum posts, you know what you are doing in this whole realm of forum link building. If you do not do it all correctly, there will not a refund! 

How Can You Get the Most Out of Forum Posting?

If you pride yourself on being a "do-it-yourselfer", and you have a rapid learning curve, then you may want to try forum posting and forum link building for yourself. Be mindful, however, that there is a lot to learn about the research involved, the imbedding of links, and the constant vigilance required to re-post, so that you remain visible. All of this requires focus, commitment, and time, and if you are not easily frustrated and have the time to do it, you can be successful. 

Most business owners are experts in their business niches. They are not Internet marketing experts, however, and certainly not able to spend the time that it takes to engage in a thorough Internet marketing campaign that includes posting forum threads in an effective and precise manner. 

You do have another option, and it is one that thousands of website owners have chosen to take. You can employ a forum posting service to get the job done for you, and, depending upon the magnitude of your forum posting campaign, prices can be aligned with your marketing budget. That's why the experts at exist! 

We are a top quality forum posting service that, for years, has provided wildly successful forum posting projects for business owners. Our mission is to produce campaigns that are uniquely designed for each individual client, based upon the products or services offered and upon the business owner's budget. We do all of the research, locate the most popular and widely visited forums, study the rules of each one, and make recommendations for your consideration. Once we have discussed your options, we immediately set about registering you on the chosen forums, and creating threads that will be motivational, easily read and understood and that will have the allowed number of links back to you! Some may be free, but most of the truly excellent forums that allow backlinks will require paid forum posting. The choices, however, will be yours to make, once we have made our recommendations to you. 

Why is the Smart Choice

There are lots of forum posting services who want your business. We want your business too, but we are willing to do what it takes to providing the best service and the best forum link building for our clients. Why? Because, quite simply, we want you back! Other services rely on one-time clients and therefore can perform cheap, shoddy posting service and never have to deal with you again. They have automated systems for posting forums, and these are inefficient and often unsuccessful. Moderators of forums can "see right through" these methods, many of which do not follow the guidelines of the forum, and the customer ends up without the promised visibility. At, the posting service we provide is accomplished by real humans who are individualized experts in all of the steps of successful forum posting. Researchers do research, analysts do analysis, writers create the threads, and link builders imbed the url's and anchor text. We rely on no automated system or programs to do your work! in a Nutshell

  • Live researchers who will seek and find all forums on which your business should post threads. These will be prioritized in order of popularity so that you can make decisions and choices wisely.
  • An individually assigned consultant who will discuss with you the benefits of potential forum posting sites before proceeding with any activity
  • Writers that know what they are doing in the world of forum posting content and will showcase you with creative text that readers will enjoy!
  • Posting forums packages that begin for as little as $22.95 (10 forums, 5 postings per forum, and a one-month warranty) and move up to larger packages for a total sweep of all truly related forums

An Additional Unique Option also offers the opportunity for you to build a posting forum of your own! If you choose to do this, we will conduct every step in the process. 

We get the forum established and up and running 

Our writers create multiple threads and keep new and unique forum posts running on your forum, and all of these will be by separate registered individuals. 

We can thus give you as forum link building as we want, provide lots of expert advice and recommendations, all as different forum posters, and, as your forum get increasing "hits", your page rank begins to improve, not to mention traffic to your site! 

We will efficiently and carefully build your forum by moderating it, employing writers who study your business and write authoritative threads that recommend your site specifically, and make certain that several links to your site are included in many of the forum posts. In those posts where we do not imbed links, we will be satisfied customers who are recommending you! As the forum grows, and as potential customers visit it, you will not only increase business but, as well, be picked up by major search engines for keyword searches! 

Our posting service will monitor the progress and activity of your forum, the amount of forum posting from "outsiders" and provide these reports to you on a regular basis. 

To Sum It All Up is the forum posting service you want. Not only are we the most professional posting service that you can find; we want your business over the long-term, building a relationship with you that will last for years. Internet marketing is not finite. New methods and strategies will continue to be developed, and you will want to remain on top of these new techniques. can do this for you while it continues to monitor, update, and improve you overall presence on the web. Contact us today and let's discuss your options! 

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