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A Directory Submission Campaign Can Yield Incredible Results!

What is a Web Directory?

Web directories are, quite simply, a listing of websites that all relate to a specified topic. Such a topic might be pets. Now, "pets" is quite broad for a topic, so the directory administrator or editor divides the topic into categories - perhaps dogs, cats, birds, rodents, exotic, to name a few - and then websites related specifically to those sub-categories are placed in their proper places. In addition to types of pets, other categories may include common illnesses of types of pets, pet medications available without prescription, pet supplies, etc. a web-based business having anything to do with pets will obviously need to be listed on such a directory, and, more important, in all relevant categories to which the business may apply. No matter what your product or service, or then, it only makes sense that you engage in an aggressive and continued website directory submission campaign, in order to give your business the web exposure it needs to drive more traffic and customers to your site! 

Over time, many other directories have been established, and each type has specific designs and types of submissions accepted. Many blogs have become types of directories, because they focus on a single topic and include links back related website. There are url and article directories as well. It can all become extremely confusing when a business owner who simply want to promote traffic to his site is faced with the processes for article directory submission, url directory submission or blog directory submission. All three types will relate to one's business, but all three are very different in their basic natures of marketing and moving information about the web. For example, an article submission directories will require that you establish your authority or expertise in a specific category of business. You will be required to create expert and compelling pieces of writing to be submitted, in which you will imbed, of course, links back to your site that follow the rules of the directory. You may compose an article on the training of puppies when first acquired, for example, and link back to your website, which offers the necessary equipment and supplies for such training. You establish yourself as an expert in this field, and the administrator of the directory then accepts your article for submission. An article submission directory, then, has unique features with which you must comply. Url directory submission and blog directory submission are also unique in their requirements, and it is the responsibility of the web-based business owner to understand all of these. 

The importance of directory submission cannot be underestimated. It is one of the most important means of driving traffic to a website and, without a significant presence on all relevant directories, a business cannot grow! All major search engines monitor (or crawl through) directories, and track the activity on those directories. The directories, and categories within those directories, which are getting the most hits move up on the search engine's page rankings and then show up on the first page when someone conducts a search in a specific category. And if it's your category, that is where you want to be! 

Do You Have the Time, Energy, and Understanding to Accomplish Effective Directory Submssions?

Chances are, you do not, and here's why. You may have a brick and mortar place of business as well as a website; you may have inventory to maintain and employees to supervise and pay; your web business may be your "second" income endeavor for now, and you have another full time job while you are growing your Internet business. Or you may simply not have the expertise to launch an effective directory submissions campaign on your own. There's a lot of research involved, in order to find exactly the right directories with the right categories, the need to change your site content to match up keywords that will fit into categories and provide the links back to your site, and decisions to make about the value of both free and paid directory submission options. For these reasons, most web-based business owners choose to use a directory submission service or to purchase a software program that will complete much of the work for them. 

Most directory submission services and software programs will provide what is known as automated directory submission. This means that the software completes the searches and provides an automated submission to directories which is so comprehensive that your business may or may not "fit" into the directory categories or may not, in fact, have followed the unique rules that have been set up by directory administrators. In these instances, you face the threat of being deemed a "Spammer" and may be denied submission or, worse, blacklisted. Automated directory submission is simply not the way to go if you are serious about achieving a true and authentic presence on the web. 

If you are ready to obtain the expertise of a directory submission service and you want to avoid using any of the directory submission services that offer an automated approach to submission to directories, then you are ready for takes a unique approach to each client's directory submission campaign. We have an entire team of search, submission and writing experts that work with each business owner, based upon his or her business goals. When you want a web directory submission effort that produces your desired results, you will want the following directory submission services:

  1. A comprehensive look at your site, during which an assigned expert will identify the salient features of your products and/or services and your intended customer base. Suggestions will be make to alter content somewhat, in order to achieve a presence in related categories on major directories. No changes will occur without your approval, and you will be consulted all along the way.
  2. A second expert, whose single job is to perform the search for directories, then goes to work for you. This individual will seek and find every search engine, website, url, blog, or article directory that has relevant categories and generate a comprehensive list of these. They will then be prioritized in order of value to you, and presented to you for your decisions about submission. NOTE: Some of these directories will be free, and some will be fee-based - We will make recommendations based upon your budget, but you will be the final decision-maker.
  3. Once the directory submissions have been determined, the third expert goes to work. Each directory submission site is studied for its "rules of the game". Because directory submission guidelines vary so greatly among all sites, it is critical that only manual directory submission occurs. Automated systems do not account for unique requirements of various directories.
  4. Only directory submission sites that allow backlinks to websites will be used. Many automated systems do not differentiate between "do-follow" and "no-follow" directories, and it is a waste of time and money to submit to "no-follow" directories.
  5. We have staff who research new and existing directories daily, to ensure that they remain ethical, are maintaining high page-rankings, and have not been blacklisted. In this way we guarantee only quality directory submission to our clients.
  6. You will receive regular reports of directory submissions, as well as follow-up reports when your submission has been approved for posting.
  7. Obviously, we will web directory submission to all relevant sites that are free. In the case of any paid directory submission, we will of course consult with you and provide all costs for such submissions.
  8. So as to avoid repetition, we will collaborate with you to develop ten titles for your content, so that as many categories as possible can be utilized in each directory.
  9. provides a 24-hour customer service department, so that you may quickly get answers or resolutions to any problems.
  10. Given the individualized service we provide our clients, is very reasonable relative to cost. You can find cheap directory submission services all over the web, but you will also get what you pay for, and the results will not achieve your goals.

Don't Waste Your Money!

Any webmaster will tell you that manual directory submission is the only way to go, and that a truly professional directories submission service will use this method exclusively. Manual directory submission is a complex and time consuming task, however, and that is why the majority of seo submission services will take the easier, less effective route. If you want quality directory submission services and if you want the best directory service on the web today, you want! 

We Stay On Top of Changes!

Every day, new directories are added, old ones die out, and guidelines for submission change. Web directory submission services that you used a few months ago are now obsolete, and you are stuck looking for someone else to provide for your needs. If you contract with, however, you remain a long-term customer. As changes occur, we contact you and make suggestions submission directory changes that will be relevant for you. Other services are only with you for the short haul. They charge their fees, complete an automated campaign, and provide no follow-up. They bank on one-time customers, not long term relationships. 

You Will Always Know What We Are Doing!

Starting with our first block of manual directory submission services, we will send you easy-to-read report, including all submissions and approvals, along with all of the categories into which you have been placed within each directory. Based upon the terms of the complete package you have purchased, we will continue to conduct submissions and provide you with additional reports. Because our clients see results right away, they usually request that we expand the package to include additional directory submissions.

Which Package is Best for You? believes that each client is as unique as his or her business, and we therefore work hard to develop, with your input, a directory submission package that fits your needs and your budget. You have lots of options, and we will discuss each one fully before finalizing any contract. Some of these options are as follows: 

1. There are a large number of directories that allow free submissions. In these cases, you pay only for our work of submission to directories. There are fee-based directories, however, that will provide great categories fitting your particular business niche, and, if your budget allows, you should consider paid directory submission. Many of these have high page-rankings, and the higher the page rank, the more traffic you will see to your site! 

2. You have the option to develop a short- or long-term plan with us, or anything in between. As well, you can choose how many total manual directory submissions you wish over each month of our work for you. On the top end, you may elect subscription to as many as 100 directories each month. This does not mean that you will have only 100 entries, however, because you may fit into several categories within each directory. 

3. will establish a unique email account in order to communicate with all directories; will handle all communication with directory administrators, and any messaging that comes from the directories. (Directories often add new categories, drop categories, change the rules for submission, etc.) 

What You Can Expect!

We want our clients to understand the entire process of manual directory submission services, and the best way to do so is to give you an example of how we work for you! 

You have contracted with us, and a part of that contract involves paid directory submission to major search engines' directories. Here is what will do for you in this instance: 

1. We will first submit you to the ODP, the "Open Directory", because this is a requirement of most major search engines. You must be "seen" there first. 

2. A submission to the ODP includes completing a detailed submission form, including g your url address, a detailed description of your business, and the categories which you believe are the best fit for your site. The goal is to convince the ODP administrators that your site is ethical, valuable, and provides good products or solid services to consumers. They will also ask for specific keywords, and this is where are expertise really shows! We know what keywords they would like to see and can generate these for you. 

3. When your submission has been accepted, we will notify you immediately, and will know what keywords have been allowed and in which categories you will appear. 

4. We then continue to monitor your placement within the ODP. Just like other directories, categories change, and it may be in your best interest to change keywords and categories. We will discuss any changes with you before implementing them. 

5. Major search engines will then allow submissions, because they know that to get onto the ODP directory, you have "passed muster".

Clearly, a professional, successful directory submission campaign is multi-faceted and involves a great deal of "know how". Yes, you can learn to do all of this yourself, provided you have the time to spend on the research, develop the most effective keywords, comply with constantly changing guidelines, and continue to monitor current directories as well as search the best newest ones for potential submission.

Or, you can contact the best directory submission service available, and let us do the "grunt" work while you build your business! 

As you can see, a full directory submission campaign takes a great deal of time. Each directory has its specific rules, and if these application rules are not followed, your submission will be denied. 

At, we take on all of this work for you. You sit back and focus on your site, your business, and your marketing. We focus on providing the very best directory submission service you can find anywhere. 

Contact us today and let's talk about what we can do for you! 

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